How to choose best ice fishing boots

When it comes to choosing a product to buy, especially when it costs hundreds of dollars like ice fishing boots do, most people are very careful and for a good reason. There is too much at stake for you to slack off on doing the proper research. What if you buy something crappy, and it tears or breaks down in the middle of your getaway on the frozen lake? That’s something you can’t take a chance on. That’s why i decided to write this post – to help you guys make good decisions when it comes to buying quality ice fishing boots. It’s not very intuitive process and it involves lots of things to look out for. You could, theoretically, just take a look at online reviews and ratings, and make your buying decision that way. I like to spend a little bit more time learning about ins and outs of the product in question, though.

  When you evaluate ice fishing boots to decide whether they’re worth your money or not, the first thing to look at, is brand. Competitively priced, well-rated ice fishing boots made by reputable ice fishing brand is as good as it gets. List of ice fishing gear manufacturers that have good reputation includes, but is not limited to – Frabill, Eskimo, Stormr, StrikeMaster, Clam. These are all good brands. Some of them are Canadian, others are based in US. Either way, their products are likely to be imported from outside these countries. If that’s a big deal for you, i’m sure they have few models that they make domestically, but i’m not familiar with them.
 When it comes to price, choosing ice fishing boots becomes a little trickier. The thing is, that higher price tag doesn’t always mean higher quality. That’s why i think that ratings and reviews are also important. There are plenty of good reviews that recommend quality ice fishing boots online, so find one that talks about pair of boots in question and read it thoroughly. Some people might be inclined to encourage you to spend money, for their own benefit, of course. Ignore them, and try to focus on genuine reviews. Lasting long is not the only issue though. Ice fishing boots also have to be waterproof, comfortable and they must have good outsoles with good grip. The latter point is important because when you’re standing on frozen lake for hours on end, chances of slipping and injuring yourself are big enough to deserve your attention. If your boots do turn out to be slippery, don’t worry too much about it – you can always get ice fishing cleats to take care of that problem.

 Overall, it’s better to invest hundreds of dollars in quality ice fishing boots than it is to spend little now and keep replacing your boots every few months. I, myself, have bought my ice fishing boots 4 years ago, and they’re still going strong. I bought the MuckBoots, by the way. As of choosing the right retailer to buy your boots at, i like Amazon. True, shopping online for boots can get confusing because of size differences and being unable to try it on, but they have excellent sizing tutorials to solve that problem.

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